2008 Student Research Conference:
21st Annual Student Research Conference

Argen the Demon: A Story in 13 Parts
Eric O. Scott
Dr. James D'Agostino, Faculty Mentor

"Argen the Demon" is a series of 13 short stories, originally meant to be presented as comic books but later written as short fiction. The cycle tells the story of two things: a city and man living within it. The city is called Citadel, a penal colony on the edge of civilization where the Kingdom of Arnoch sends its undesirables. The man is Argen Torus, once an assassin under the name of "the Demon." After three years in hiding, Argen has come to Citadel and become a vigilante, searching for redemption and freedom from the past. The stories also explore issues of perspective and time, as interwoven with the main narrative are many smaller stories of the characters' pasts, revealing not only Argen's history but the stories of the people he encounters in Citadel along the way.

Keywords: Fiction, Short Story, Fantasy, Noir, Superhero, Argen the Demon, Time, Perspective


Presentation Type: Oral Paper

Session: 48-3
Location: OP 2117
Time: 3:15

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