2008 Student Research Conference:
21st Annual Student Research Conference

Characterization of KH Domain Genes in Zea Mays
Rebecca L. O'Connell*, Christopher G. Dove, Kimberly F. Ingersoll, and Christa A. Manton
Dr. Brent Buckner and Dr. Diane Janick-Buckner, Faculty Mentors

The K homology (KH) domain is an approximately 70 amino acid RNA binding region that is conserved across eukaryotic and prokaryotic species. The KH domain is found in a variety of proteins that are involved in diverse biological processes. Four different type I KH domain proteins have been described: vigilin-like, polynucleotide phosphorylase-like, poly(C) binding protein-like, and splicing factor 1-like. As the Zea mays genome sequencing project nears completion, we have begun a genome-wide search for KH domain genes. The only plant species whose genome has been assessed for KH domain genes is Arabidopsis thaliana. We used Arabidopsis KH domain gene sequences to identify homologues in maize by using BLAST searches and other bioinformatic tools. We also sought to identify KH domain genes that may be important for shoot apical meristem maintenance and plant organogenesis. Lastly, we performed phylogenetic analysis to illustrate the evolutionary history of the KH domain in maize.

Keywords: Zea mays, maize, K homology, bioinformatics, shoot apical meristem, phylogenetic


Presentation Type: Poster

Session: 3-2
Location: OP Lobby
Time: 4:15

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