2007 Student Research Conference:
20th Annual Student Research Conference

Human Potential and Performance

Aerobic Power in Recreational and Varsity College Runners
Bryant R. England*, Stacy M. Adams, Sara B. Detweiler, and Lauren M. Hawks
Dr. Alex J. Koch, Faculty Mentor

Differences in VO2 max performances have been attributed to genetics and differences in training volume and intensity. This study examined if the differences in training are reflected in the aerobic power values of varsity and club runners at Truman State University. Subjects were tested for maximum aerobic power on a treadmill using a maximal graded exercise protocol based off Daniels’ standard protocol (varsity runners: N=7; club runners: N=5.) Oxygen consumption was measured using an indirect metabolic measurement system. Varsity runners had a significantly higher VO2 max (p=0.001) and max VE (p=0.04). VO2 max was found to have a significant correlation with intensity (r=0.717, p=0.009) and mileage per week (r=0.614, p=0.034). This supports previous research that differences in training affect performance in addition to differences in genetics. Intensity may be more influential on V02 max than volume, due to a stronger r-value; further research using larger sample sizes is needed.

Keywords: aerobic power, VO2, varsity sports, club sports, runners

Topic(s):Exercise Science

Presentation Type: Poster

Session: 2-5
Location: OP Lobby
Time: 4:15 pm

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