2007 Student Research Conference:
20th Annual Student Research Conference

Language & Literature

Global Perspectives on Intercultural Communication
Jill M. Moeller*, Erin L. Brooks, Kyle M. Bybee, Grace A. DelNero, Laura N. Glasbrenner, Emma L. Pagel, and Erin Pagel
Dr. James Cianciola , Faculty Mentor

The study of Intercultural Communication is important to the creation and development of a diverse, multi-cultural worldview. Truman State University currently has 190 international students who, as participants in Truman’s International Exchange Program, contribute to our academic community. To consider and learn from the variety of perspectives that international students bring to our community, seven students of COMM 420: Intercultural Communication have organized a panel roundtable. At this roundtable, some of Truman’s international students will share their perspectives on several fundamental theories and practices of intercultural communication. Specifically, the intercultural roundtable will engage the following theories and practices: acculturation, communication barriers, cultural patterns, perception, and lingual catchphrases. Through this roundtable discussion participants and audience members will gain a greater understanding of the importance of developing resplendent approaches to Intercultural Communication.

Keywords: intercultural, communication, international, panel roundtable, acculturation, cultural patterns, catchphrases


Presentation Type: Roundtable

Session: 1-
Location: Alumni Room, SUB
Time: 12:15 pm

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