2007 Student Research Conference:
20th Annual Student Research Conference

Fine Arts

The Adzogbo: Dance Drumming by the Ewe People of Ghana
Alanna W. Mcdonald
Dr. Michael Bump, Faculty Mentor

The specific art of Dance Drumming is of great social importance to the Ewe people of Ghana, and is used in countless celebrations and festivals. Dance Drumming, as the name suggests, is a broad term to describe the use of percussion and dance in conjunction. The Adzogbo dance, practiced today by the Ewe, is a more specific example of Dance Drumming. The complex polyrhythms of the Adzogbo make the music and dance especially interesting. In the Adzogbo “drum language” is also a unique and important element. Drum language refers to the representation of spoken language by strokes played on a drum. Through this paper I will discuss in depth the rhythmic complexities of the Adzogbo dance, the instruments used, the history of the dance and the use of percussion more generally by the Ewe people. My intent is to shed light on a fascinating, yet largely unfamiliar culture and tradition.

Keywords: Adzogbo, Dance Drumming, Ewe , Ghana , Percussion , Dance , Music , Drum Language

Topic(s):Philosophy & Religion

Presentation Type: Performance Art

Session: 19-4
Location: OP 1393 (Performance Hall)
Time: 10:30 am

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