2006 Student Research Conference:
19th Annual Student Research Conference

Robert B. Tylka

  • Children's Theatre
    Performance Art

    Fine Arts (Theatre)
    Megan L. Dittmann*, Justin M. Been, Courtney M. Berg, Melissa J. Hutsel, Chris S. Notestine, Emma L. Pagel, Katie A. Rose, Hannah E. Smith, Lacey A. Stevenson, and Robert B. Tylka
    Dr. Ron Rybkowski, Faculty Mentor
    (47-1, 2:45, OP 2302, Black Box Theatre)
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  • Plato & Brecht: A Concern for the Unengaged Intellect
    Oral Paper

    Social Science (Philosophy & Religion)
    Robert B. Tylka
    Dr. Patricia Burton, Dr. Lee Orchard, and Dr. William Ashcraft, Faculty Mentors
    (10-2, 8:30, OP 2111)
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