2015 Student Research Conference:
28th Annual Student Research Conference

Meghan E. Crider

  • The Optimal Duration of a Service Learning Project in the Field of Communication Disorders
    Oral Paper

    (Communication Disorders, Service Learning)
    Meghan E. Crider*, Rachel J. Meinert, and Elizabeth M. Grothoff
    Dr. Ilene Elmlinger and Dr. Janet Gooch, Faculty Mentors
    (407-3, 3:00, MG 2090)
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  • Speaking Up for the Voice

    (Communication Disorders, Communication, Health Science)
    Madeline A. Elliott*, Kaylie Tuttle, Rachel J. Meinert, Taylor C. Shields, Sara A. Saulich, Ann T. Strickert, Adrienne L. Hamlin, Meghan E. Crider, Madison Ogbomo, Emma Trenhaile♦, Rebecca Ross, and Peggy Ceresia
    Dr. Julia D. Edgar, Faculty Mentor
    (P-4-5, 3:30, GEO-SUB)
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