2021 Student Research Conference:
34th Annual Student Research Conference

The Military-Industrial Complex and the Physicist 

Noah B. Anderson
Dr. Ian Lindevald, Faculty Mentor

The physics community and the “military industrial complex” in the 21st century are intimately intertwined. In this environment, the physicist is encouraged through political and economic pressure to apply new knowledge in the discipline for the purpose of developing more lethal weapons of war and to support other political agendas despite often being largely unaware of the larger process. The notion of the autonomous physicist driven by the pure motive of scientific curiosity is a quaint one that hides a reality. The modern physicist is a cog in a bigger and complex machine in which wars, international trade, and the media greatly influence scientific progress.



Presentation Type: Asynchronous Virtual Oral Presentation

Session: 17-6
Location: https://flipgrid.com/db94b0d7
Time: 0:00

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