2021 Student Research Conference:
34th Annual Student Research Conference

Effects of COVID-19 on Collegiate Athlete's Mental Health

Brooke N. VunCannon♦
Dr. Brandy Schneider, Faculty Mentor

Purpose: This study was to determine the mental health impact that COVID-19 had on collegiate athletes. Significance: Mental illnesses are already a common issue among athletes and may be overlooked. Due to the pandemic and sports shutting down suddenly, the impact of student-athlete mental health was affect as their self-identity was suddenly lost. Methods: An electronic originally designed survey about the mental health was sent to current collegiate athletes of a Division II program. Results: Fifty-one percent of athletes experienced a change in their normal sport behavior. Thirty percent reported depression symptoms and 87% experienced daily sadness. Sport participant with current restrictions has athletes experiencing depression (18%), being stressed (58%), and feelings of frustration (87%). Conclusion: The global pandemic increased depression and emotional distress in many collegiate athletes and these results show that mental health is an important factor to observe now.

Keywords: Mental Health, Athlete, Collegiate Athlete, Depression, Emotional Distress, COVID-19, Coronavirus, Pandemic

Topic(s):Master of Athletic Training

Presentation Type: Face-to-Face Oral Presentation

Session: 202-1
Location: SUB Activities Room
Time: 10:30

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