2021 Student Research Conference:
34th Annual Student Research Conference

Photon Entanglement With 2-Crystal Spontaneous Parametric Down-Conversion

Kevin A. Barrow
Dr. Michael Goggin and Dr. Ian Lindevald, Faculty Mentors

Quantum Mechanics can be used to enhance and secure data communication pathways. One common method involves entangling photons because they maintain data integrity over large distances. Photons can be entangled through the process of spontaneous parametric down-conversion in which a high-energy photon is converted into two lower-energy photons when it passes through a nonlinear crystal. By adding a second nonlinear crystal to the down-conversion process, sources of more strongly entangled photons can be generated using lasers with shorter coherence lengths. This improvement promises to make commercial quantum communication schemes cheaper to implement.

Keywords: quantum information, entanglement, down-conversion


Presentation Type: Asynchronous Virtual Oral Presentation

Session: 17-3
Location: https://flipgrid.com/db94b0d7
Time: 0:00

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